Living Room and Dining Room Arrangement According to Feng Shui

Feng shui is known as the science of spatial planning. However this is not like a regular layout. Feng shui is closely related to the flow of energy. The layout of the room is important. However, just looking comfortable is not enough. Feng shui guides this. Besides being comfortable to look at, the house is also comfortable to live in.

A good living room certainly feels comfortable. This nuance can be created due to several things. In addition to classy furniture, the layout is also right. For the living room, the box shape is good. Avoid diagonal cuts. This indicates a missing family member. Of course this is bad for the family.

The shape of the box is also neater. Just pay attention. A neater arrangement of chairs that form a box. But you should choose a round table. Place the living room near the entrance. This is not only to make it easier to receive guests.

Tips for the living room and dining room. Also pay attention to the living room floor. The floor should be made neat. Don’t make it from ceramic shards. Besides being uncomfortable, this is also bad. It can also affect the homeowner’s finances. In this case it is more precisely the influence of wasteful.

Ceiling decoration should also be considered. But should not be too much decoration. In this section you should choose a chandelier. Place it in the center of the ceiling. But avoid overdrafts. Moreover, the shape of the box ends prominently.